Friday Diary- Dreaming colours

This week has been emotionally and physically exhausting.  Generally I am fairly exhausted anyway, but certain things can push me into full on flare up, and that is what is happening at the moment. I am not in a good mood. I have read advice in the past that people who like to write, should write, whatever mood they are in- it creates texture and variation. I don’t find this to be the case. Overtired, in pain, distracted, I find my writing tends towards flat and lifeless at best, messy at worst.

Sometimes disengaging leaves space for regeneration- so today, I am posting in advance of Friday, with little to say.

This kind of tired requires input, rather than output. I need to read the words of others to replenish my mental energy, support my body with rest and food to replenish physical energy. This kind of tired is healed more quickly with dreaming than speaking. For me painting is a kind of dreaming, focusing on form, colours, shapes,marks on paper. I don’t think, or feel much when I paint, its a kind of mental cocoon, I put my brush to the canvass and come to when I am finished.

So I have been painting today and tomorrow I am going away with a friend to explore somewhere I have not been before, museums, galleries, buildings, shops and streets.

And when I am ready I will write again.

In other news

My second niece, Arya Ruby was born a few days ago, following the longest labour her mothers family has seen in generations, both mother and baby are doing great.

My partner has begun a blog project, Don’t Press Start, focusing on retro gaming. Check it out!







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