About Jade


Founder of The Tension and the Spark Blog.

I am a 31 year old cisfemale afab identifying woman. I am bi/pansexual, ethical-polyamourous and and intersectional feminist. I suffer with diagnosed Fibromyalgia however am under investigation of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which is strongly indicated. There are also question marks as to whether there is a neurological aspect to my symptoms.

Psychiatrists I have encountered have quickly raised potential BPD but I am skeptical and feel PTSD might be a more appropriate diagnosis, if any is needed at all.

Because of, or possibly just because, I suffer diagnosed anxiety and depression disorder.

I am strongly left leaning and whether you see it as a slur or not would probably consider me to be in the SJW camp.

I am engaged to a non binary identifying person, have a long term cis male boyfriend who is married, live with a long term non romantic non sexual life share partner who is non binary identifying.

My interests include reading anything I can get my hands on when my brain works, gaming (pc and tabletop mostly, particularly Magic The Gathering in terms of tabletop) fantasy and horror genre related things, writing and kinky sex- which I absolutely and unashamedly consider a hobby.

I listen to an unforgivable amount of Savage Garden and Darren Hayes and like musicals.

If you have read the support text on the home page and would like to donate with regards to my contributions and this blog please do so Here.

Or help me look after myself, educate myself and express myself via my Amazon wish list Here

Image Description: Profile type picture of blog author Jade. Age 32 with very light olive skin, possibly ivory in the light of the photo. Pose is laying on front on light purple and pink patterned duvet, with head upright but resting head on right hand. Brown hair with fringe covering left eye. Eyes are dark brown. Make up is light aside from dark red lipstick. Wearing a black low cut top with a gold necklace. The necklace pendant is an S which is shaped nearer to a figure of 8.



  1. Hello
    I am brand new to your blog. I saw your comment on Sex Line Stories. I have just read your blog “about me” , and realize you are a fascinating person. I look forward to learning about you and your life. I don’t want to be offensive, but to be honest I don’t understand some of what you wrote about. In the future I hope you won’t mind my asking for clarification on some of your points. My questions will only be to help me learn and are not meant as judgement or insults. If you would rather I don’t ask, that’s ok. I will try to figure things out on my own.
    All the best


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